Setup Guide

We'll get you started with ScreenSquid in no time. Just follow this handy guide.

Sign Up

Login with Google, Facebook, GitHub, WordPress, or create a new account with an email and password.

Sign Up
Create a Team

A team is a group of users who can access your websites. Choose a name for your new team.

Add your Site

Add your first site. The site name is a nickname for your site you can change later. Your site url should be the domain you want to run ScreenSquid on.

Install The Plugin

There are a couple different install methods. Any website can use our Javascript Plugin but if you have a WordPress site, we recommend the WordPress Plugin.

Record your first session.

Visit your website, move your mouse, scroll, and click around.

Replay the Session

Download and install the ScreenSquid dekstop app to watch the session.

When launch the ScreenSquid app, you’ll see your session appear in the list and you’ll be able to watch yourself!

Download ScreenSquid Desktop