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June 26, 2017

Animation of feedback embed form working.

“Every time I click the button, that other thing breaks!” Does this sound familiar?

If it does, you’re probably on the receiving end of website support. Visitors who are trying to be helpful often end up leaving vague or confusing feedback and bug reports.

Then you need to track them down, ask for more information, and maybe even get on a call with them to find out exactly what’s going on.

What if you could just go back in time and look over the shoulder of that visitor? It would save all that time spent back and forth communication.

We’re proud to announce today an embeddable contact widget as part of our Javascript plugin.

Visitors can leave a message with their name and email address. When they submit the form, that information is emailed to you and the ScreenSquid website recording is attached.

Example email you'd get.

Watch and learn exactly what your visitors are talking about when they submit feedback and bugs.

This widget will save you time and provide your visitors with better support. It’s like you’re right next to them helping them get what they need.

Feedback appearing in the ScreenSquid dashboard.

Sessions with feedback have a special marking on the ScreenSquid dashboard and include a preview of the message the visitor sent.

How to search for feedback.

You can even filter and search through recordings with feedback to find visitors who are having specific problems. Some good searches to start with are “purchase” or “sign up.”

Learn more about adding the plugin to your website on our post about adding video feedback to your site.