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Introducing Star Ratings

December 7, 2016

Ever wonder what your most active visitors are doing on your site?

So did we! That’s why we’re happy to introduce our newest feature, star ratings!

Now ScreenSquid automatically rates your sessions and highlights the most interesting ones. The number of stars represents how active a user was on your website compared to all other users.

Star ratings overview

How does it work?

As you can see in the screenshot above, every star rating is made up of clicks, mouse movement, html changes, scrolling distance, keypresses, and form changes. We use all this information to create a meta score, which is then converted into a star rating.

Sort By Star Ratings

This helps surface the most interesting recordings, where you’ll find user experience issues, converting users, and website bugs. Stop wasting time combing through every recording by hand, check out the star rating to see how complicated a visit will be before watching.

Star ratings get better over time.

Since we’re comparing recording to everything we know about your site, the star ratings will get more accurate as you record more sessions. That means the longer you stick with the Squid, the better we can recommend you sessions to watch.

Star Ratings Email

Get the best website recordings in your inbox.

And finally, we’ve started a new weekly report mailed out every Monday that includes the top rated recordings for the week. Click on an a recording in the email to launch the ScreenSquid desktop client and start watching!