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Announcing ScreenSquid Desktop

October 10, 2016

The new ScreenSquid Desktop app is here! From the first ScreenSquid beta (almost a year ago!) we’ve taken everything we’ve learned from our web app and created something much, much better.

New Desktop Interface

In fact, a tool like this has never existed before. ScreenSquid Desktop is the only desktop session cam in existence. We use a completely original playback mechanism with advantages you can find anywhere else:

  • HD playback in an emulated device
  • See “hover” states, like when someone hovers over a drop-down menu
  • Rendering of Web fonts and SVG
  • Support for Angular, React, Ember, and AJAX
  • Replays don’t spam Google Analytics tracking
  • Jump to specific clicks and form entries with our replay summary

And that’s not it! We’ve been working hard on the search and recording mechanisms too. We’ve added the following features based on your feedback:

  • Support for teams so multiple users can share replays
  • Complete app redesign
  • Plugin loads faster and supports more websites
  • Support for “teams” so multiple users can share replays
  • New documentation features including the ability to ignore form fields

We’re listening to you! Contact us with any bugs or issues. Let us know what you want to see in the next version! Oh yeah, use code “BETA” when upgrading for 30% off forever!

Thanks for sticking with the squid!