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Alien Technology Provides Secret Sauce For Internet Startup

October 5, 2016

Astronauts aboard the International Space Station attempting to communicate with extraterrestrials received a single response from deep within the Triangulum Galaxy (M33, NGC 598). It contained a single line of code mankind has never seen. We’ve used this secret to create ScreenSquid, a session camera with features from out of this world.

ScreenSquid is the first website session camera with a desktop app for playback. Our desktop
app provides features nobody else can offer:

  • HD playback in an emulated device
  • See “hover” states, like when someone hovers over a dropdown menu
  • Rendering of Web fonts and SVG
  • Support for Angular, React, Ember, and AJAX
  • Replays don’t spam Google Analytics tracking
  • Jump to specific clicks and form entries with our replay summary

It helps marketers, advertisers, user experience researchers, webmasters, support teams, and
all kind of internet people:

  • Understand exactly what your users are doing and help them be successful.
  • See how every dollar of an ad campaign was spent with referral tracking.
  • Provide better with a full screen recording to go with every support question.
  • Discover where visitors get stuck and give up.
  • Optimize your site to make more money!