How to set up video feedback widget on your website.

June 26, 2017

Are you stoked on the idea of getting feedback with your website visitor session recordings? The feedback widget is super easy to set up, just enable the widget and select a color when you set up your plugin.

Feedback setup page.

When you copy and paste the code, the feedback widget will appear on your site!

And hey, if you like to do things the Javascript way, you can enable and configure the feedback widget by supplying the ___squid_config object.

You can enable the widget with the contactEnabled property and change the color with the contactColor property (that takes any hex color code).

<!-- SceenSquid Satellite Uplink -->
<script id="screensquid">

// new stuff!
var __squid_config = {
  "contactEnabled": true,
  "contactColor": "744da8"

// old stuff
var __squid = [];
var __squid_id = 'YOUR_ID_HERE';
(s[u].q=s[u].q||[]).push(arguments)});s[u].l=+new Date;i=q.createElement('script');
<!-- -->

If you have any trouble don’t hesitate to contact us for help.