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What is unique about your solution when there are so many alternatives?

There’s a whole lot that makes ScreenSqudi unique compared to everything else out there. Our mission is to provide a serious debugging tool for user experience audits, marketers, and developers.

Advanced Emulation - ScreenSquid uses it’s own custom browser to emulate device replays. Every replay spawns a new emulator that matches the resolution of the user exactly. Our custom app was made to solve all sorts of problems other session recorders experience, like security issues and missing fonts in replays.

Hover Tracking - The ScreenSquid app uses mouse emulation to accurately replay hover states – something no other session recorder does.

Desktop Experience - ScreenSquid is a dedicated app that lives on your desktop. This means ScreenSquid supports multiple windows, multiple monitors, and you can hot switch to the app. This is real software, not a website hack.

Doesn’t Spam Analytics - Ever notice that other session recorders spam your Google Analytics? Not ScreenSquid. Watching our replays won’t spam your analytics.

Single Page Apps - Our tracking code was crafted to work with every site out there, including complex single page applications. ScreenSquid will record AJAX, Angular, Backbone, Ember, and anything you throw at it like a champ.”