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How are activity ratings calculated?

Does ScreenSquid cache JS and CSS files?

We're an agency managing many websites. How can we leverage ScreenSquid for our clients?

Is there a delay from when the session is created to when it appears in the dashboard?

Can I get a discount?

Is it possible to exclude visitors from certain IP addresses (like my home and office)?

How can I sort the recordings by device?

What is the difference between ScreenSquid and Google Analytics?

How do I protect my user's information?

I made some awesome search filters, how do I save them as bookmark?

How do I access the ScreenSquid app?

How do I update the ScreenSquid app?

Do you support linux?

How do you log extra information with the Javascript library?

Is this intended to be a temporary tool or is it made to be on a site long term?

Is there a minimum session time threshold?

My Facebook advertising campaign reports more recordings than show up in ScreenSquid.

Does ScreenSquid work with infinite scroll and modal overlays?

How can I add multiple people to my account?

My control panel shows "No Sessions Found."

Where can I find more info about your pricing model?

I'm confused about the session times displayed in the app. In this example, it looks like the session was 5 minutes long, but when I played the video it was only about 10 seconds. Why the discrepancy?

What is the "Site Url?"

Does ScreenSquid support SVG images?

Does ScreenSquid work with two different URLs or subdomains?

I always forget what sessions I've seen already.

What is unique about your solution when there are so many alternatives?

Where do I get my ScreenSquid ID for Wordpress, Stackpile, or other integration?

Where do I get the plugin?

Is your product compatible with all sites?