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See what your visitors see.

ScreenSquid session recording captures your visitors' experience as they use your website.

It's like looking over their shoulder.

ScreenSquid records the screen of every visitor as they use your site.

Watch everything they do including mouse movements, scroll, clicks, and keypresses. You'll never wonder how visitors are using your site again.

Watch every visit.

ScreenSquid works on every website no matter how complicated. It even works on mobile devices and tablets.

Access your sessions in the cloud and use our desktop app to emulate the visitor's actual device.

Cut through the noise.

Star ratings show you the most active visitors first. Spend less time searching for good recordings, we'll show you the anomalies.

Get the top 5 most interesting recordings emailed to you every week.

Start recording your website visitors in minutes.

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Record every user, no matter the device.

Record visitors who are using mobile phones, tablets, and laptops. Segment recordings by visitors who are using different operating systems or browsers.

Works on all websites, even where the competition doesn't.

ScreenSquid works on every page on your site, even private pages that only the user can see. It even works with AJAX websites and fancy single page apps like Angular.

Powerful filters help you find the best sessions.

Find sessions worth watching. Filter your recordings based on what pages your users visit, how long they stayed, what device they used, their screen resolution, their email address, or what language they speak.

Watch recordings as they happen.

Sessions show up in ScreenSquid just seconds after they happen. Track new users as they use your website and see every visitor come in when you launch.

Get started fast with the WordPress Plugin.

ScreenSquid provides interstellar insight as to what your visitors are doing on your WordPress site. The ScreenSquid javascript code records every page change, mouse click, and keypress so you can see exactly what your visitors are doing. Install in seconds with the WordPress plugin.

Keep an eye on your most important visitors.

Log your visitors email addresses and ScreenSquid will let you filter them by username and email. Using the WordPress Plug? ScreenSquid will automatically track users who login to your WordPress site.

Use what you learn to optimize your website.

ScreenSquid records everything every user does on your website. Just install the plugin and ScreenSquid will record every visitor. See where visitors click, scroll, and watch every interaction they have.

Help users who are having trouble.

Every recording will help you learn why your users are having trouble. See exactly what they see and everything they’ve done. Recording will explain how you can improve your website experience.

Know where every dollar goes.

You can use ScreenSquid’s search function to find referrals from advertising networks and see exactly where your advertising budget is going. You can track users from landing page to conversion and all the steps they take in between.

Provide better support to your users.

ScreenSquid gives you great insight into support tickets. You’ll see exactly what a user who needs support does on your website so you can help them get what they need. ScreenSquid will save you hours of work and countless emails back and forth. You won’t have to ask the user what they did, you can see for yourself.

Find out why visitors aren't converting.

Find out by watching recordings of users who come close but don’t commit. Drill down using our advanced search filtering to see what users are doing instead of converting.

Why ScreenSquid?

ScreenSquid is full of fun and unique features that set it apart.

Doesn’t Spam Analytics

Ever notice that other session recorders spam your Google Analytics? Not ScreenSquid. Watching our replays won’t spam your analytics.

Can't tell it's there

Asynchronous loading keeps your site speedy and responsive. We only begin loading the plugin after your site has fully loaded, and stream data in the background so your users never see loading bars.

Desktop Experience

ScreenSquid is a dedicated app that lives on your desktop. This means ScreenSquid supports multiple windows, multiple monitors, and you can hot switch to the app. This is real software, not a website hack.

Learn about your users

Get the user’s location, browser, operating system, spoken language, device, and more! You can create saved searches from this information and keep checking back on how specific segments are doing.

Hover Tracking

The ScreenSquid app uses mouse emulation to accurately replay mouse hover states – something no other session recorder can do.

Single Page Apps

Our tracking code was crafted to work with every site out there, including complex single page applications. ScreenSquid will record AJAX, Angular, Backbone, Ember, and anything you throw at it like a champ.

Advanced Emulation

ScreenSquid uses it’s own custom browser to emulate device replays. Every replay spawns a new emulator that matches the resolution of the user exactly. Our custom app was made to solve all sorts of problems other session recorders experience, like security issues and missing fonts in replays.

IFrame Support

We recursively record iframes on the same domain, so super complex layouts and websites will work just fine. Great for credit card checkouts and advertisements.

Start recording your website visitors in minutes.

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