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Track Your WordPress Visitors with the ScreenSquid Screen Recording Plugin

October 25, 2016

Have you ever wanted to see what your visitors see while they visit your site? Check our new Wordpress plugin that makes it super easy to install ScreenSquid tracking.

How to install ScreenSquid for Wordpress

First, navigate to your Wordpress admin dashboard. Click on “Plugins.”

Click on plugins

Then click on “Add New.”

Click add new

Type “screensquid” into the keyword search box.

Search for ScreenSquid

Look for the squid! Then click “Install Now” on the top right.

Click install now

Wordpress will magically install ScreenSquid for you. Once that’s done, click “Activate.

Install plugin with magic

Click the new “ScreenSquid” logo on your WordPress admin panel.

Click on new ScreenSquid logo

Paste your SiteID from the ScreenSquid Desktop app into the textbox and click “Update.

Paste your site ID in

You’re good to go! Now when you launch ScreenSquid you’ll be able to see what your visitors see when they visit WordPress site.